IRL Background

A group of fellow Gamers met up at Clackamas Community College to discus starting a gaming club. During the meeting it was clear to see that there is a population of Gamers in our community that want to get together and game (in many capacities, not just table top RPGs) but lack the personal connection to get any organized events put together. That meeting bore fruit, and is hopefully a sign of things to come, by inspiring the first organized D&D campaign in club history.

So, without any further ado, welcome to “She’s a witch! Burn her!”

Campaign Technical Details

The campaign is designed for three to four characters of level 1-2 and consists of three Acts. Major events in the Acts are put into Chapters. I anticipate playing through a chapter every one to two weeks.

Our initial estimate of players (everyone at the meeting, or about 8 people) is likely to shrink due to scheduling. However, I can adapt the campaign to fit more people (which means we get through the story slower) and if need be we have more than one club member capable of filling the role of Dungeon Master so we can have more than one campaign at once.

Campaign Setting

The Player Characters (PCs) come to the city of Corvis in the employ of a merchant Caravan. Corvis, an island of civilization home to about 100,000 souls. Most of the folk in Corvis are human, but there are some Rhulfolk dwarves living there, and you might spot the rare elf if you look close enough. If you need a smith’s services there’ll be some fine shops in the armorer’s bourg. If you need to find some muscle, there’ll be thugs for hire at the waterfront. There’ll be trouble there for you too if you aren’t careful—the river folk are a tough lot. Keep to the merchant’s bourg at night where the watch is always close at hand. Corvis has seen folk tougher than you floating in the harbor come sunup.

She's a witch! Burn her!

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